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We know that a brick fireplace can enhance the environment on your property and make it more welcoming, and using paint will allow you to go even further. So, we have prepared several brick fireplace ideas related to using paint.

Brick Fireplace Ideas St. Clair ShoresPaint It White

Crisp white paint can give your brick fireplace a clean, minimalist look. So, consider washing your bricks white, and you will get a great effect.

Try the German Smear

You can transform your brick fireplace with a simple technique called the German smear. This is practically a mortar wash that gives you the aesthetic of old European cottages and creates the illusion of antique brickwork. It’s a very affordable way to add rustic charm to any space.

Brick Fireplace Ideas St. Clair Shores, MIA Light Mortar Wash

You can achieve a great look for your fireplace by applying a German smear but not covering the natural color of your brick completely. Focus the mortar in the grout lines and keep in mind that less is more. You can always add extra mortar later if you want to change things further.

Contrasting Color

You can give your fireplace a bohemian-modern feel by making it black and contrasting it with stark white walls. A golden wood mantel and some accompanying accent pieces will soften the contrast and make your space cozier.

Brick Fireplace Ideas in St. Clair Shores, MIPlayful Red Bricks

If you have a non-working fireplace that you want to use to add more color to your room, you should consider the red color for your bricks. This is ideal for a child’s room because you can use the fireplace to display all kinds of toys and stuffed animals.

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