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Does a gas fireplace need a chimney? That is a question many people ask themselves when considering getting a gas fireplace. It is a natural consideration, and the answer is both yes and no. Here is all the information you need to choose for yourselves.

Does a Gas Fireplace Need a Chimney St. Clair ShoresVented Gas Fireplaces

Most new gas appliances are meant to be used directly with your ventilation, drawing air for combustion from outside and exhausting their fumes there, too. These fireplaces won’t emit harmful gases into your home, and that generally makes them a safer option than ventless or B-vent gas fireplaces.


Does a Gas Fireplace Need a Chimney St. Clair Shores, MICan You Use a Vented Gas Fireplace With Your Chimney?

While installing a vented gas fireplace requires a little construction effort, there is no real need to build a chimney for safe operation. This is because most gas fireplaces come with highly effective venting systems of their own. However, if you have an existing chimney, you can use it with your gas fireplace without major alterations. Make sure to clean the chimney before installing a gas fireplace and that  it has the space to accommodate it.



Does a Gas Fireplace Need a Chimney in St. Clair Shores, MIVentless Gas Fireplaces

While ventless gas fireplaces expel their emissions directly into your home, they still do not require a chimney or flue. They can be positioned at any point of your gas supply line, including alongside a wall or inside a masonry fireplace. Admittedly, they emit some combustion gases into the interior but well below the admissible levels. So, as long as you choose an approved ventless gas fireplace and follow all manufacturer’s recommendations, you can install this appliance anywhere, including in your chimney.

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So, does a gas fireplace need a chimney? Not really. The decision to do it is entirely up to you and your preferences. If you do want to have a gas fireplace working in your fireplace and you are located in St. Clair Shores, MI or the surrounding areas, hire Joe Joe's Home Restorations LLC to do the job for you. We will ensure your satisfaction. We offer chimney service as well so call us now at (586) 422-5664!