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There is an easy way to transform the look of your property’s exterior while improving its curb appeal. We are talking about applying our exterior paint ideas and tips to do a relatively low-cost makeover and achieve noticeable results.

Exterior Paint Ideas St. Clair ShoresHouse Paint Color Choices

When you start exploring exterior house color options, the available paint colors can seem overwhelming, so start by focusing on those exterior paint colors you actually like. Dismiss all those you don’t, and select a few. You can then use a color wheel in order to find the varieties that you like the most. Match a warm red-orange-yellow color with a cool green-blue-purple one for great results.

Keep in mind that if the exterior of your property is stucco, brick, or masonry, you may have to find paint that was specially designed for these kinds of textured surfaces.

Exterior Paint Ideas St. Clair Shores, MIDoor & Trim Paint

In addition to the walls of your property, there are other parts of the building that you can paint to enhance its overall curb appeal. Pick some vivid colors for your front door or trim, like a coral door with gray siding and white trim. Make sure the front door paint color is not too bright.


Exterior Paint Ideas in St. Clair Shores, MIChoosing Paint

Our exterior paint ideas will help you plan how to give your property a new look. You should consider factors like climate and weather because those will affect how often you have to paint. In general, a house should be painted once every five to ten years. As you pick new colors, you should think about how long you’ll stay in the place. If you’ll be renting or selling before it’s time to paint again, choose more neutral colors.

You Already Have Exterior Paint Ideas?

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