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Gutters and downspouts collect and remove water from the roof of your building. This is essential because rainwater can cause damage to the basement and foundation of a building. Even when it is deposited in the soil, water can still manage to reach the basement or crawlspace. So, here are some gutter downspout ideas you can use to enhance your gutters.

Gutter Downspout Ideas St. Clair ShoresInstall Downspout Extensions

Downspout extensions help redirect water to a specific location, away from your home’s foundation. These extensions help control the flow of water and prevent it from splashing everywhere. They also prevent water buildup and damage to the building.



Gutter Downspout Ideas St. Clair Shores, MIInstall Splash Blocks at the End of Your Downspouts

Splash blocks are another great gutter downspout upgrade that helps protect from damage as water flows out of the gutters. They connect to the bottom of the gutters and collect water that would otherwise pool at the foundation of your home. Splash blocks are beneficial if you experience heavy downpours often or want to prevent mold from forming due to a water buildup.

Consider Adding French Drains

A French drain is something that keeps water from traveling back toward your building. They are meant to prevent damage to your home by collecting rainwater before it reaches the foundation. French drains are great for averting large pools of water away from lawns and other areas.

Gutter Downspout Ideas in St. Clair Shores, MIUse Rain Barrels

One of the most useful and effective drainage solutions is to install a rain barrel underneath the drain to collect rainwater. This can then be poured into sewage pipes or used to water plants around the garden. This is a great way to stop rainwater from building up around your property, and all you have to do is place a barrel directly below the downspout.

You Already Have Your Gutter Downspout Ideas?

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