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When choosing between house siding options, the focus is often on the look, texture, and durability. It is very important you pick a product that is both convenient for your design vision and resilient enough to stay looking good for decades to come. Here are three of the most durable and preferred siding out there.

House Siding Options St. Clair ShoresStucco Siding

This is one of those quintessential siding types that serves as a base for modern, fresh accents and brings buildings back to life. Stucco is cheaper than brick and stone and offers adequate fire protection, but wet and humid climates reduce its lifetime. While using stucco alone is popular in some parts of the country, pairing it with fiber cement is a great way to elevate a design to the next level.

House Siding Options St. Clair Shores, MIWood

Wood is a very popular siding exterior and offers a rich, charming look while being very durable when maintained properly. That’s right, wood siding requires routine maintenance that includes power washing, staining, and painting, but the effort is really worth it. When treated properly, wood can have a high degree of fire resistance. Despite all this, wood siding will give any home the warm look of wood.

House Siding Options in St. Clair Shores, MIFiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding is one of the most preferred materials in the US. It is a composite material made of cellulose-fiber-reinforced cement. It is manufactured in sheet form, making it easy to install, and can be used to mimic many different siding styles like brick, wood, clapboard, shingle, and stone. The best part about fiber cement siding is that it looks great while having a long lifespan and a low maintenance cost associated with it.

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