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How to Install Gutter Guards St. Clair Shores, MIThere are many reasons to install gutter guards, and one of them is to ensure more hassle-free home maintenance. With this short guide, you will know how to install gutter guards. Here, you will also find tips to get the best type of gutter guards.

How Do Gutter Guards Work

If you are sick of cleaning out your gutters constantly, installing gutter guards is definitely the right choice to make. Protected gutters will last longer because they act as a cover to block leaves and debris. This allows water to flow freely and prevents clogs over time.

How to Install Gutter Guards St. Clair ShoresWhat Gutter Guards to Choose

Gutter guards are available in a variety of types. Screen and solid gutter guards cover the gutters to protect them, while foam and brush gutter guards fill the channel and block debris allowing water to flow. There are also other types of gutter guards, like reverse curve gutter guards. Those guide water inside the gutters and debris away. You should really choose which ones to use based on your personal needs.


How to Install Gutter Guards in St. Clair Shores, MITips for How to Install Gutter Guards

First, you should ensure the area you will be working around is safe. Use a sturdy ladder and make sure it is tall enough to reach your gutters comfortably. Wear safety gear and make sure the ground is level. Once that is ready, clean the gutters thoroughly by removing all debris, leaves, and dirt. Measure and cut the gutter guards to the appropriate size using a hacksaw. Install the gutter guards at the downspout end, secure the guards, and overlap multiple sections of gutter guards to ensure full coverage. Trim any excess material to ensure a clean installation and test the flow.

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