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People who wonder how to paint exterior door should consider reading our short guide on the subject. We have vast experience handling such jobs and help you achieve excellent results. Just make sure you have all painting supplies ready to go.

How to Paint Exterior Door St. Clair Shores, MIDetach the Door and Remove the Hardware

While both detaching the door and removing the hardware are technically optional, doing it will make your job easier. Place the hardware in a plastic bag and place the door on a sawhorse to prepare, sand, and paint it. 

Wash and Dry the Door

The standard preparation for painting a front door includes cleaning and drying the surfaces. You want the surface of the door to be dry and dull. To wash it, use soapy water and a clean cloth. For problematic areas, use a brush or scrubber sponge to remove the residue. Let the door dry for 24 hours.

How to Paint Exterior Door St. Clair ShoresThe Sanding

If the door is in good shape, a light sanding is enough to paint it. Using 120-grit sandpaper in the direction of the wood grain should get the job done. If the door is in a rough shape, spend some extra time sanding. When you are done, use a tack cloth to remove dust without adding moisture.


Apply Painter’s Tape and Lay a Drop Cloth

You should lay some drop cloth around the door to protect surfaces from paint drips. Apply painter’s tape where you don’t want paint to go.

How to Paint Exterior Door in St. Clair Shores, MIPrime the Door

Priming the surfaces of the door will ensure a smooth, consistent coverage and proper adhesion. Priming is a good idea, especially if you’re painting a previously unpainted door.

Paint Two or Three Coats

When your door is fully prepped, it is time to paint. Make sure to give your front door two or even three fresh coats of paint. This way, the thin coats of paint will build up to create a protective surface.

You Still Don’t Know How to Paint Exterior Door?

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