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Wall trim is a very important interior decoration that can help you make a design statement while covering surface imperfections. There are many options out there, and here are some wall trim ideas to help you choose the right one for the interior of your home.

Wall Trim Ideas in St. Clair ShoresChair Rail

Chair rail is a horizontal type of trim that is installed around 3 to 4 feet above the floor. It was used to protect walls from chairs but is mostly used as a decorative molding today. It is both functional and attractive and can be further enhanced by combining it with wainscoting. The combination of the two elements contrasts molding with the wall paint. The two most durable options are hardwood and polyurethane.

Wall Trim Ideas St. Clair Shores, MIPicture Rail

Similar to chair rail, picture rail is placed horizontally around the room but is installed much higher and has a different profile. It is a rather unique option that was used to hold the hooks for hanging pictures but is now also considered a decoration. Wood and plaster are used most often, with wood being lighter and more durable. You can also use your picture rail to actually hang pictures.

Wall Trim Ideas in St. Clair Shores, MICrown Molding

Crown molding is placed at the intersection of ceilings and walls and typically at a 45-degree angle with some free space behind it. It has a strong association with historic or upscale properties and is great for giving a classic feel to any living area. Wall trim is rarely made of wood these days and lightweight materials like vinyl and PVC are more prevalent. Crown molding is a very durable trim that is moisture-resistant and can last for decades.

Wall Trim Ideas St. Clair ShoresBaseboards

Baseboards are common in most houses. You will probably use them anyway, so it won’t hurt to know that they are used for practical and decorative purposes. They can help you dress up a room and serve as the defining line of the bottom of the walls. Baseboards are practical because they can hide gaps between the flooring and the bottom of the walls. Made from natural wood or PVC, they also keep drafts out of the house. The PVC variety is also often available with cable tunnels, so you can use it to hide yours.

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