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Wood trim accent walls give style and substance to any space. They also add a historic look and plenty of character while serving useful functions that range from extra shelving to storage. Here are some amazing wood trim accent wall ideas for your consideration.

Wood Trim Accent Wall Ideas in St. Clair Shores, MIPlay With the Hight

Installing a wood trim accent wall is a great way to add an extra flair to your walls. It works very well when placed at a height slightly above your main furniture, but you can also play with it and get it lower or higher, depending on your goals.

Make It a Statement Wall

Wood trim is great for a bedroom accent wall that is meant to be a statement wall. Simply put all the main bedroom furniture against it, and you will create a wonderful space.

Wood Trim Accent Wall Ideas St. Clair Shores, MIPair It With Wallpaper

Wall trim and wallpaper is always a great combination because it feels classic and timeless. Meanwhile, there is an endless supply of different wallpaper patterns that can be used to give any space a unique feel.

Get Painting

You can paint your wood trim in a different color to achieve your design goals, no matter how bold. Paint your wood trim accent wall the same shade as the rest of the walls, and you will get a subtle yet stunning look.

Wood Trim Accent Wall Ideas St. Clair ShoresMatch Existing Trim

Your wood trim accent wall can look even better if it matches the rest of the trim in the room. If you already have ceilings or crown molding, choose trim that matches them or is very similar.

Add Extra Storage

You can use your wood trim accent wall to add extra storage and shelves to your room. It provides an opportunity to easily add shelves, hooks, and knobs of any kind.

You Need Someone To Realize Your Wood Trim Accent Wall Ideas?

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